Streetfighter 848 Accessories

A new take on the dark side
Your chance to dominate urban peripheries comes from Ducati, and is called Streetfighter848.
Control, precision and fun - these are the features of a bike that has a rebel soul, yet is easy to handle.
The Ducati Performance accessories, created alongside the bike and integrated with it from the word go, are designed to enhance the exuberance of this new object of desire.
Performance, Lightness, Design: the core elements of a captivating customisation.
The sophisticated combination of a 848 Testastretta 11° engine and a frame shaped on the design of the Superbike demands an equally exceptional range of accessories. The range of optional accessories available for this bike includes exclusive items that have been designed with an eye for detail - just like the bike they are created to equip.
Structure in carbon fibre with shiny protective coating.
Fairing details in autoclave-laminated carbon fibre.
Titanium exhaust systems type-approved to the Euro 3 level pursuant to 2005/30/EC and additional electronic control unit with dedicated fuel injection setup.
Chassis parts manufactured through CNC machining from 7075-T6 grade aluminium billets.
Adding excellence to excellence is hard, yet thanks to a design developed alongside the vehicle, a choice of cutting-edge technologies and materials, and a careful construction, Ducati Performance accessories meet the highest technical and quality standards.
For you, the art of excellence is no longer optional.
To best define the notion of quality, it is necessary to venture into an exploration of the details, analyse the materials, understand their essence.
Our accessories are the result of 16 Constructors' Titles in the Superbike World Championship and 1 Constructors' World Championship in the MotoGP.
Top performance on the track is made possible by the ongoing development of materials and production technologies.
As motorcycle manufacturers since 1946 and winners of the most important motorcycle competitions, thanks to our long-standing experience in the choice and processing of hi-tech materials we are able to guarantee top-class quality.